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Authenticate private key on Linux (using Putty)

I want to share how to enable us to use private key on Putty. First of all, we need to install Putty on our computer (now I use putty-0.63-installer)

  1. Generate the key using PuttyGen. And then save the private key and public key.
  2. Please run the Pagent and then “Add key” after copy the private key.
  3. Use putty to connect to the Linux server. Please set up the IP /hostname.
  4. Do login first to server. After successful login, we can continue  to create/generate key on server side. Type command below:
  5. ssh-keygen .

    vim .ssh/authorized_key

  6. Copy the generating key to the console
  7. Modify the permission of the folder :
  8. chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

  9. If we want to use on the another server, we only copy the .ssh/authorized_key, and this key still can be used.

After that, we can relogin again without input the password when we want to remote server. Let’s try

Note : Please make sure Pagent is active every use this method.

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